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Vacuum table 6030 GAL

Vacuum table 6030 GAL
Vacuum table 6030 GAL
Vacuum table 6030 GAL
Vacuum table 6030 GAL
Vacuum table 6030 GAL
Vacuum table 6030 GAL
Vacuum table 6030 GAL
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  • Model: VT6030-GAL
  • Weight: 17.00kg
  • Dimensions: 600.00mm x 300.00mm x 27.00mm
US$ 600.00
US$ 1,000.00

The 6030 GAL Series hole grid vacuum table is of vibration absorbing construction made from 100% cast aluminium.

Combined with high stability and switchable vacuum sections the GAL Series vacuum tables can be subdivided into several chambers.

The included holed rubber mat ensures a seal around your workpiece with a through milling depth of less than 0.2 mm.

Venturi distributor1
Hole rubber mat (10 mm grid)1
Cover mat1
Set of connecting hose1

Vacuum table specifications
MaterialCast Aluminium
Clamping area (mm)600 x 300
External dimensions (mm)630 x 312 x 27
Vacuum sections3
Raster10 x 10 mm
Drill hole0.3 mm
Connections12 mm
Trimming spare4 mm

Recommended vacuum generators and pumps for use with the GAL Series of vacuum tables

VT2012 GALVenturi VT-VE 3DST 8
VT2016 GALVenturi VT-VE 3
DST 16
VT4030 GALDST 16DST 25
VT4040 GALDST 16DST 25
VT5030 GALDST 16DST 25
VT5040 GALDST 16DST 25
VT5040 GALDST 16DST 25
VT5050 GALDST 16DST 25
VT6030 GALDST 16DST 25
VT6040 GALDST 16DST 25
VT6050 GALDST 25DST 40
VT6060 GALDST 25DST 40
VT7545 GALDST 25DST 40
VT7050 GALDST 25DST 40
VT7550 GALDST 25DST 40
VT8040 GALDST 25DST 40
VT8050 GALDST 25DST 40
VT8060 GALDST 25DST 40
VT10060 GALDST 40DSN 65

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