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Big Block steel t-slot plates

Big Block t-slot plates have a height of 50 mm and are made from C45 tooling steel, milled to a tolerance and precision of +/- 0.05 mm / 150 mm.

With a smooth underside these tables can be attached directly to your CNC machine or suctioned onto a vacuum table.

Need a custom size or pre-drilled holes?  Contact us with your requirements.

Model: STNPBIG Dimensions: 0.00mm x 0.00mm x 0.00mm
Big block t-slot plates made from C45 tooling steel with a profile height of 50 mm (2 inches).With a smooth finished underside the big block plate can be suctioned onto a vacuum table or directly attached to your host machine in the usual way.Making it easy to mount with vices, clamping towers, mounting angles ..
US$ 230.00
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